10 stunning hair-colors for attractive hairs

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  • May 3, 2016
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    10 stunning hair-colors for attractive hairs


    The crowning glory becomes more appealing with the lovely hair colors. You can transform your entire look by coloring your hair in a way that can be revolutionary in terms of fashion. Let’s check out the best trends of hair colors that are prevalent in today’s times.


    1. Go Ombre for a rich look!


    Dark brown hairs are very attractive universally and further enhancement can be done with the help of Ombre hue. Chromatic tint of this color gives a matchless effect when you have the loose curls. Softer look of the hair salon frisco can be achieved when the hairs are colored for half of the length. It delivers a unique kind of shine to the otherwise dull hair.


    1. Get a healthy look with blonde


    For the women with fair skin tone, blonde color is the best option. Even this hue can be perfected to give a healthier look to the hair when combines with a chromatic shade. You can make your hair little wavy and apply the color on full or half length.


    1. Dark blonde


    A bit new in the fashion field, you can adopt this trend of hair color to gain a more perfected look. Attraction comes handy with this shade if you get this color highlighted with different shades. Layered hairstyle is a preferable choice if you want to get this hair color done. If you have a rosy complexion then this is a must have shade to make your look complete.


    1. Highlight your brown hair


    Trendy hair color gets more fashionable with highlights on the light brown hair. It is good to have single shade throughout but it is the highlights that give it a better effect on the personality. If you have the curls then effect gets more accentuated.


    1. Black and purple rules the ramp


    Best to acquire a funky look you can get your black hair highlighted with purple streaks. Unique way is to get the different shades of the purple color incorporated but the degree of variation should not differ much. If you have the asymmetrical haircut then purple is more attractive.


    1. Deadly combination – blonde, red and copper


    If you love to have a natural look then this combination is the best for you. The effect is very rich and textured that can make you stand apart from the crowd. With a medium skin tone and a layered hairstyle the effect of this color reaches at optimum level.


    1. Highlight gold with platinum


    If love the braids then the effect can be really cool. It gives a rich color to the hair and provides the delicate look to transform you. The highlighted streaks can look heavenly with right style of coloring.


    1. Blonde and brown go hand-in-hand   


    Best suited for women with thick hair and warm complexion, this combination can look really attractive to everyone there. In fact, while choosing for the right kind of color you should have the type of hair in mind, whether it is thick or medium.


    1. Burgundy


    This color remains a hit for those who want to get a deeper and intense single shade instead of highlights. This color is a favorite because it is difficult to make out if you have even colored your hair at all.


    1. Deep red


    With several celebrities going trendy with red hue, nothing appears to be a better choice. You can get a look you have always desired to stand apart from the crowd.

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  • October 17, 2015
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    Most Effective Way to Find a Good Hair Salon near You

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  • October 1, 2015
  • Most women regard their hair as a crowning glory and that is why they can spend several hours in hair salons each week to ensure they have the perfect hair style. As a woman, the only way to ensure your hair is properly looked after and styled is by visiting a professional and reputable hair salon near you. With many salons propping up nowadays, some of the ways you can use to identify a good salon near you are discussed herein.

    You can seek referral from your friends, neighbors and workmates whom you feel have good and well maintained hair styles. Let them refer you to the salon they normally visit for you to book an appointment. Referrals are a good way of identifying a good salon near you as your friends will definitely refer you to a salon which they visit often and offer good hair services.

    A good hair salon should be one that offers a variety of hair salon services at cost effective prices. You can visit several hair salons in your area to see the different types of services provided by a variety of salons and their cost. Even though many people will prefer extremely cheaper salons, it is advisable to keep away from them as most extremely cheap salons will not provide top class hair services due to low pay.

    It is also important to select a hair salon near you that has industry trained hair professional with several years of experience working in salons. Having a rookie salonist working on your hair is not good as you may end up with a poor hair style which will end up costing you money as you will have to restyle it. An experience hair stylist will be able to look at your hair and advise you on the most suitable hair treatment and hair style to give you that perfect look.

    The most effective way to find a hair salon near you is to use reputable hair salons review sites. After visiting the best hair salon review site, all you need to do is provide your zip code and they will list a number of salons in your area. You will then be able to review each hair salon in terms of services offered, cost and customer feedback. With such information you can easily make a decision on which salon to visit. You will also be able to directly contact the salon and make an appointment as they usually list salon contact details.