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Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

All the living things rely on oxygen for their survival. The reason behind that is oxygen is a vital necessity for survival purposes. It facilitates in production of the energy required by our bodies and also plays a significant role in keeping our body systems free from toxins. Note that oxygen therapy is a form of treatment which is useful in the healing of wounds, improving the quality of life and also in increasing the lifespan of people. Experts in the medical profession refer to oxygen therapy as a type of treatment that uses supplemental oxygen to treat different medical conditions.

There are two main types of oxygen therapies that are very common and can easily be offered to patients who may want them. These therapies include normobaric oxygen therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Normobaric oxygen therapy is being provided to patients by administering supplemental oxygen at the same pressure of our standard atmosphere. Note normobaric oxygen therapy should be regulated because excessive supplemental oxygen is harmful to the human body. With hyperbaric oxygen therapy, high content of saturated supplemental oxygen is provided to the patients, and at higher atmospheric pressure. To enable the delivery of oxygen to all the body tissues, those patients who are receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy are placed at high pressure. Treatment for hyperbaric oxygen therapy is scheduled to be given to patients for one to two hours daily. This form of therapy is approved for the treatment of diseases such as burns, diabetic wounds, gas embolisms, and traumatic ischemia.

The only differences that exist between the normobaric and hyperbaric oxygen therapies are the method of delivery used and the pressure at which they are applied. They are similar in the sense that both treatments help in increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood of the patient. Normobaric oxygen therapy increases the rate at which the delivered oxygen binds with the hemoglobin of the blood. You need to know expanding the amount of oxygen in the blood will significantly help in the process of healing wounds and also damaged tissues of the body.

Those individuals who undergo oxygen therapies have the opportunity to enjoy many health benefits associated with these therapies. One of the benefits that are associated with oxygen therapy is that it helps to reveal or improve the signs and symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This is a type of progressive lung illness that is very dangerous to the health of human beings. Note that with normobaric oxygen therapy, this lung disease is diagnosed at an early stage and get treated before it gets worse. By diagnosing the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at an early stage, it will help to reduce the number of who people die from that illness, and this is very important. Oxygen therapy helps in reducing the anxiety levels of the patient and also improve the quality of their sleep. Another benefit of taking oxygen therapy is that it helps in improving the symptoms of a stroke. You need to know that stroke is caused by a clot that occurs in the blood vessels and prevents the smooth flow of blood to the brain cells, thus causing death.

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