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Pediatric Dental Emergencies

Make sure to call pediatric dental emergency service if you child faces a dental emergency. Before any emergency happens, keep the emergency number of your pediatric dental emergency service in an accessible place so that if an emergency happens, you can easily contact them. When your child’s dental health is at risk, your pediatric dental emergency service will be there to assist you. Here are some tips on dealing with urgent dental situations.

Accidental biting of the lips or the tongue which cause bleeding should be cleaned with water and should be cold compressed in order to avoid swelling. Calling your pediatric dental emergency service will give you an idea of how serious the bite is

With a dental floss, you can take out objects caught in between your child’s teeth. Make sure not to use metal, plastic or sharp objects to remove the stuck object in between your child’s teeth. You should give your pediatric dental emergency service a call if you are not able to remove the item with dental floss.

Chipping or breaking off a piece of a tooth is something that you need to take care by rinsing the mouth with warm water. To reduce swelling, use a cold compress. if possible, save the chipped off part of the teeth of your child. Immeidiately call your pediatric dental emergency service.

Keep the tooth that was completely knocked out of your child’s mouth and rinse his mouth with water. Only touch the crown of the knocked off tooth. Bring the knocked off tooth to your pediatric dental emergency service. It is still possible to save the tooth.

Bring your child to the pediatric dental emergency clinic to have his tooth removed if it is very loose. You need to remove it to prevent your child from swallowing his tooth.

For toothache complaints, rinse the mouth of your child with warm water and check if there is nothing caught in between the teeth. If the pain continues used a cold compress to ease the pain. Make sure not to apply heat or any kind of aspirin or topical pain reliever directly to the affected area. The gums can get damaged because of this. He can take children’s pain reliever orally. Then head off to your dental emergency service.

If your child broke his jaw, use a cold compress to reduce swelling. Then immediately head to your emergency dental service. Your child could have sustained a blow in the head that caused the broken jaw. It can be dangerous and even life-threatening to have severe blows on the head.

During dental emergencies you need to quickly call your emergency dental service or head immediately there.

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