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Points To Note On Robert O Neill

Most people know Robert O’Neill as the writer of the New York Times bestselling book called memoir, but what they don’t know is that this man who worked for the military for so many years. He was part of the Seal Team warrior which was able to kill Osama bin Laden. For a very long time, he has gotten a chance to lead many seal teams. This man has been very active in the military leading over 400 combat missions thus he was very much experienced in this field, and he also got a chance to sharpen his leadership and other skills he has gathered during military training.

Not only was he part of the military but he also was a leader of the seal teams. For everyone who is in the military their roles are usually well recognized but people don’t know them by name, and that’s the same case with Robert O’Neill.He was known for handling some of the most difficult military tasks under so much intense pressure, and he served his country well in ensuring that there is safety. Seal team leaders are known to be under so much pressure during missions because the team members follow the instructions Keenly and if you end up instructing them to do something without thinking about it well you will risk the lives of the members and the whole team, and the mission will be a failure.

When it comes to training he received intense training with a purpose of handling more than 800 special operations for the country. Never create is a quote that he likes using a lot and he strongly believes in it. He has shown so many people that all the servicemen should be respected because they do sacrifice a lot for their country and every day they put their lives at risk for their citizens to always feel secure. One of the most disappointing things is that so many people are familiar with the story of how Osama bin Laden was killed nor do they know who killed him.

The person who killed Osama Bin Laden is Robert or Neil, and he fired three shots that left him dead. Today he is retired, and he started an organization whose purpose is to help veterans cope with civilian life from the day of Retirement. He helps them in knowing the next profession that they should take depending on the skills that they have. Any veteran that signs up in his organization, they are usually mentored, and within a few months, they receive placement assistance depending on their skills.

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