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Atomic Design Methodology

We have created UX design for both the administrator and end consumer aspects of techniques. As you’ll be involved in web application development services, it is essential to get as a lot traction as it’s potential. For that, you have to optimize your web application for both cellular and web platforms. That means you will get the excessive SERP Google rank and get to the highest of your particular business inquiries. Making extra potential leads come to your application whereas producing more brand awareness. It was estimated that an average mobile app loses 20{b6196a7ca5b4a1b69de81ab0dc32668b63c23fceaa10d728c4b91dec1aa2113c} of its customers at every stage of its life cycle, from discovery to direct utilization.

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Developers can drag reusable elements into Kony Visualizer from their own library or Kony’s marketplace, and can import designs instantly from Photoshop...

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