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The Future of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is something that has been the goal for anyone who value technological progress. It will open many worlds waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately, there is no significant breakthrough yet to allow application of virtual reality technology in various industries. Nonetheless, researchers are on the right track and could make this a possibility within a century from now.
Here is a look on the future of virtual reality.

1. Virtual reality games – Virtual reality is the ultimate dream for all gamer around the world. Movies and other literature about virtual games already exist. Instead of just holding a mouse or a joystick and tapping the keyboard, gamer dreamed of the experience of moving their characters just like they move their body with just a thought and a semi-sleep state.

2. Online shopping – The negative aspect of online shopping is that you never really get a true sense of the product as you look at the photos, watch videos and read product descriptions. When virtual reality matures, you can see people who will roam around virtual markets and stores then check different products just like they are holding the product in real life.

3. Experience for professionals – If you are a new doctor, you will not get enough opportunities to practice your skills right after you graduate. You will have to start as an assistant in which your work is almost similar to a nurse instead of a doctor. When you even start your proper duty, you can even lose your license if you make a mistake. You must be prepared to serve in the battlefield or visit places where no hospitals are available just to have an opportunity to practice your craft. Doctors and other professionals will not worry anymore if virtual reality can provide them enough opportunities.

4. Virtual meeting room – Businessmen are also a direct beneficiary of virtual reality. They would often spend a lot of money going on business trips and having a meeting. Only a specific place can play a positive role for business meetings. You can save a lot of money if you can have a similar meeting but do it in the virtual world.

5. Business potential – Virtual reality is something you can make money with. When virtual reality make it possible to create a different world, a whole new set of business opportunities will present. There is virtual real estate. Another is virtual goods. You will be amazed by how many people who would be willing to spend for these once virtual reality exists.

6. Virtual recreations – If you are already enjoying the 3-D movies, wait until you get the chance of a virtual reality movie. You can basically walk all around the area as the movie goes on. Movies are just a start and more recreational activities will turn to virtual reality.

7. Virtual experiment – Designing a spaceship takes a lot of time. It is because people find it hard to simulate how the spaceship would look like and perform once launched. This is no longer an issue if you get access to virtual simulation.

A day will come when these benefits can be enjoyed by the people.