Three Types of Television and Movie Producers

Producers in the television and movie industries like Heather Parry play a key role in making sure that a given project is completed successfully. They are responsible for oversight of the entire production, which includes selecting a script, hiring crew members, managing finances, and controlling all business-related logistics. Unlike directors, producers normally do not weigh in on creative decisions. Depending on the budget and scope of a movie or show, there may be several producers on staff, each of whom manages a different aspect of production.

Executive Producer

The highest-ranking producer on any given film is the Executive Producer. In addition to making sure the other producers complete their jobs successfully, the Executive Producer is in charge of seeking out and securing the funding for a show or movie. This may be done through a financing company or a studio, or, in many cases, Executive Producers finance films and television shows themselves. The level of involvement that the Executive Producer has in production is determined by individual preference: some Executive Producers choose to supervise the entire process, while others may not visit the set at all.

Field Producer

When a movie or show requires filming outside of the main studio or set, the field producer scouts the outside location(s) required and makes sure that everything is in place for filming. He or she may coordinate with a reporter or photographer to arrange videos and gather all of the necessary information. This role is especially necessary for educational films that require interviews and information scouting, such as documentaries. They also play a key role in thrillers, dramas, and romantic comedies that require filming in a certain city. Field producers often have a professional background in reporting or photography.

Segment Producer

In a production with multiple parts or segments, the segment producer will normally be assigned one or more of these sections to produce. Segment producers normally work on talk shows, game shows, or reality TV shows, which do not always tell a continuous story, as opposed to movies or shows with a consistent plot. Each of these professionals is essential to creating on-screen entertainment.

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