Three Ways to Make Good Business Signs

Three Ways to Make Good Business Signs

Signs are often the first exposure a person has to a particular business. A person sees a sign and either dismisses it or becomes interested in visiting that establishment. If the sign is good enough, that person might desire to visit the business sooner rather than later. Here are three ways to ensure your sign is well-designed and will effectively reach potential customers.


Have you passed a sign on the freeway that you couldn’t read because the text was too small or the wrong color? It can be frustrating and annoying – you might have been interested in the business, if only you could have read the text! Make sure the lettering of your sign is large enough and clear enough to be read by its intended audience. One way to do this is to have led signs Austin made for you – lighted words are sure to stand out!


Sometimes a sign’s background can make otherwise perfectly-readable text tiresome, because of a bad color scheme or distracting pattern. The best practice is most often to choose simple images and complementary colors when laying out your text and background and to make sure there is enough contrast between the two that the text is easily distinguished.


Have you ever seen a sign that was difficult to appreciate because there was too much going on in it? Either the message of the text was too cluttered or the background was noisy, or there were simply too many words or pictures on the sign. This is ‘visual clutter’, and it detracts from the message of the sign itself. Who wants to visit the business if they can’t read the sign?!

There are many more ways to make your business’ signs stand out, but hopefully, you now have a better grasp on the basic design principles. If you are careful and diligent, you can create a great sign that sends many potential customers to your door!